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over 3 years ago

Demo Day Slides + Q&A responses are up!

Hi Idea Sprint participants!   Thank you again for participating in the COVID-19 Idea Sprint, and contributing all your various submissions! We’ve been reading through all submissions in detail, and are in the process of getting government officers from the relevant teams to look at them - we’ll be following up with individual submissions as and when there are any follow-ups.   Thank you as well to everyone who attended Demo Day. We’ve uploaded the various presentation materials, as well as the presenter’s responses to your submitted Q&A questions:   Links to Slides
  1. Project Grey
  2. Scaling up contact tracing with corporate data partnerships
  3. ResuMatch
  4. VeriTrace: Streamlined contact tracing to reopen the economy
  5. MigrantLingo
  6. Respons-ableSG: A Fuse System after the Circuit Breaker
  7. FoodLeh?
  8. SafeEntry API
  9. HDB Tenancy Renewal App
  10. Trace Stick
  11. Make Homes Great Again
  12. qSafe
  If you missed Demo Day, you can catch the recording at