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over 3 years ago

12 May Update - MCCY webinar materials are available + Webinar tonight (830 SGT) with HDB on rental flat lease renewals

Hi volunteers,

Thank you for signing up for the idea sprint, and for taking part in the various discussions on the Slack Workspace. In the past 4 days, we've seen 100+ of you sign up to the Idea Sprint and begin to contribute ideas. Submissions on Devpost are beginning to trickle in, and even more ideas are popping up on Slack, so a big thank you to everyone!

There have been asks for additional information regarding the problem statements where possible, and we're working with the various teams to see what we can provide. We'll do our best to share what we can with all of you the moment info is available. In the meantime, do keep building on each other's ideas, and start putting some of them into Devpost submissions to make it easier for people to follow what's going up.

Materials from last night's MCCY sharing

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the sharing from Jared last evening as well. For those who weren't able to catch it, we've uploaded the presentation slides and webinar recording. We've also created a Slack channel #theme3-sgunited-challenges for any discussions related to this. Jared will also help answer any clarifying questions on Slack.

Sharing Today: Johnson Lim (HDB) on Rental Flat Lease Renewals

We're having another sharing this evening with Johnson from the HDB Rental Housing Department. Johnson will be sharing about how COVID-19 has created challenges in the process for rental flat lease renewals and how you (volunteers) could help him and his team in relooking existing workflows and responding with possible tech solutions. Register for the webinar here.


If you have any questions about the Idea Sprint, you can ask the organisers on the Slack Workspace (#from-the-organisers)