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over 3 years ago

9 May Update - Webinar Registration for 11/12 May

Thank you for the interest and all the kind offers to help with the Singapore government’s COVID-19 efforts. It has been very heartening to see the community response!

Webinar Sharings with MCCY and HDB (11th May / 12th May 830pm)
We will be having two more webinars on Monday (11 May) and Tuesday (12 May), 830pm (SGT) by officers from MCCY and HDB respectively. During these webinars, the speakers will share specific details, challenges, opportunities which the are facing in the following areas which they’d like to get tech volunteers’ ideas and suggestions on:




Isolation and mental health

Matching needs and offers in society

Jared Poon, MCCY

11th May, 830pm

Register here

Renewal of Tenancies for Rental Flats

Johnson Lim, HDB

12th May, 830pm

Register here


We will send another update once materials from yesterday’s webinar are ready as well.


Join the Slack Workspace + Submissions are Open

If you haven’t already, do join the Idea Sprint Slack workspace to take part in discussions and share ideas with the community.


Lastly, you can start putting up submissions on the DevPost page and keep updating them throughout the COVID-19 Idea Sprint. By doing so, you’d help people get a sense of what ideas are out there, and will make it easier for people to volunteer time, effort, and suggestions to the ideas which you’re working on.


We welcome you to work on anything addressing or related to the challenge areas posted thus far, as well as anything that may fall outside of these areas - we'll look at all ideas submitted and do our best to connect them with the right people in government to take a look at, at the end of the Idea Sprint.


Look forward to seeing your submissions and ideas!


From Sarah and Russell,

COVID-19 Idea Sprint organising team