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over 3 years ago

Problem Statements - Contact Tracing & Re-opening the Economy

Hi everyone, 

For those of you who managed to catch the first webinar today, thank you for attending! For those of you who missed it, we'll upload the link to the recordings once they are available. Here's a summary of the problem statements that were discussed at the webinar:

Problem Statements from today's Webinar

Contact Tracing
How might we improve the contact tracing process to identify patterns in linked / unlinked cases so that we may generate the best quarantine yield possible in the shortest time and with the smallest manpower required through the use of technology and data?

For the purpose of this problem statement, a close contact is defined as a person who has been in close proximity with an infected case within 2 metres and sustained for 30 minutes or more.

Re-opening the Economy
The Government is finding ways to quantify the benefits and costs to lessening circuit breaker measures and opening the economy. We would like to hear volunteers’ suggestions on models or optimisations (with parameters) that could guide policymakers in making decisions.

Using these problem statements as inspiration, you can start posting your ideas, prototypes, proof-of-concepts, etc!

Join the Slack Workspace
Two channels have been created on the Idea Sprint Slack Workspace (#theme1-contact-tracing and #theme2-reopening-our-economy) to help you have more directed discussions. 

If you have any questions regarding the Idea Sprint, you can also ask away at #from-the-organisers.


Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

- Idea Sprint organising team